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What is ATNirex and $ATNX Token?


#1 Decentralized Platform for Trading Digital Assets powered by AI

The platform offers AI Trading services, Copy Trading, Staking Pools, Launchpad and NFT Marketplace where buyers and sellers can make profitable deals.

A sophisticated artificial intelligence technology works at the back end of the ATNirex platform. The platform has taken digital asset trading to a whole new level through the accuracy and speed of Artificial Intelligence which can increase profitability by trading smarter.

$ATNX Token

The ATNirex platform is committed to creating a sustainable and rewarding ecosystem for its users and stakeholders.


Revenue sharing is designed to distribute a portion of the platform’s earnings to $ATNX token holders. This provides an additional incentive for users to hold and stake $ATNX tokens, aligning their interests with the long-term success of ATNirex.

Revenue Sources

The revenue shares are derived from multiple streams within the ATNirex platform, including but not limited to:

  1. Premium Feature Subscriptions: Users can subscribe to premium features on the ATNirex platform, such as advanced security tools, detailed audit reports, and customized notifications. A portion of these subscription fees is allocated to the revenue sharing pool.

  2. Transaction Fees: Fees generated from various transactions within the platform, such as smart contract audits, token swaps, and other services, contribute to the revenue pool.

  3. Partnerships and Collaborations: Revenue generated through strategic partnerships, collaborations, and integrations with other platforms and services also adds to the revenue sharing pool.

  4. Advertising and Sponsorships: Revenue from advertising and sponsorship deals on the ATNirex platform is included in the revenue share distribution.

ATNirex Distribution Mechanism

The distribution of revenue shares to $ATNX token holders is conducted through a transparent and automated process. The key steps in this process include:

  1. Revenue Collection: All revenue generated from the aforementioned sources is collected into a dedicated revenue pool.

  2. Allocation to Stakers: A predetermined percentage of the total revenue pool is allocated for distribution to $ATNX token stakers. This percentage is determined by the platform’s governance and may be adjusted based on community input and platform performance.

  3. Proportional Distribution: The allocated revenue is distributed proportionally among stakers based on the number of $ATNX tokens they have staked and the duration of their staking period. This means that users who stake more tokens for longer periods receive a larger share of the revenue.

  4. Automatic Payouts: The distribution process is automated through smart contracts, ensuring timely and accurate payouts to all eligible stakers. Users can track their earned revenue shares through the platform’s dashboard.


  • Passive Income: $ATNX token holders can earn passive income through revenue shares, providing a steady return on their investment in the platform.

  • Incentivized Staking: The revenue sharing model incentivizes users to stake their tokens, enhancing the security and stability of the ATNirex network.

  • Community Engagement: By sharing revenue with the community, ATNirex fosters a sense of ownership and engagement among its users, aligning their interests with the platform’s success.

  • Sustainable Growth: The revenue sharing mechanism supports the sustainable growth of the platform by encouraging long-term participation and investment from the community.

Future Enhancements

  • Dynamic Revenue Allocation: Future updates may introduce dynamic revenue allocation models, allowing the community to vote on the percentage of revenue allocated to stakers versus reinvested into the platform’s development and growth.

  • Expanded Revenue Streams: ATNirex will continuously explore new revenue streams, including potential DeFi integrations, NFT marketplaces, and other innovative blockchain services, to enhance the revenue sharing pool.

  • Enhanced Transparency: Additional transparency measures will be implemented to provide users with detailed insights into the platform’s revenue generation and distribution processes.

By implementing a robust revenue sharing model, ATNirex ensures that its success is shared with the community, creating a virtuous cycle of growth, engagement, and value creation for all stakeholders.


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